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Vacuum / Pulsation / Take off

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Coil Black EP100

Coil black EP100 12V-2,8W   Coil for pulsator and take-off valve   matches w..

c$ 68.46

ACR cord 1 to 2 weeks

ACR cord

ACR cord black 5mm per meter Suitable for DeLavalHAPPYFARMERN.COM  • MILK ROBOT PARTS ..

c$ 1.12

ACR cord 1 to 2 weeks

ACR cord

ACR cord black 4 mm, per meter Suitable for DeLaval  HAPPYFARMERNA.COM  • MILK R..

c$ 0.38

Coil Blue EP100 1 to 2 weeks

Coil Blue EP100

Coil Blue for EP100 24V-2W   Corr. DeLaval 9975531-80     HAPPYFARM..

c$ 71.21

Coil Red EP100

Coil Red EP100 24V-2,5W   Coil for pulsator and take-off valve   Matching w..

c$ 71.21

Coil yellow 24V PREORDER

Coil yellow 24V

Coil yellow 24V - 2,7W fits DeLaval milking robot VMS V300, V310 Corr. DeLaval 852772-80&n..

c$ 71.22

Control Valve Atop 12V PREORDER

Control Valve Atop 12V

Control Valve Atop 12V for Delaval Milking RobotCorr. DeLaval 99656784   HAPPYF..

c$ 286.99

Control Valve Atop 24V PREORDER

Control Valve Atop 24V

Control Valve Atop 24V for Delaval Milking RobotCorr. DeLaval 99656785   HAPPYF..

c$ 286.99

Control valve tilt cylinder PREORDER

Control valve tilt cylinder

Control valve tilt cylinder DeLaval 908310-08   HAPPYFARMERNA.COM  • M..

c$ 29.24

Diaphragm Duovac 4 to 5 working days

Diaphragm Duovac

Diaphragm   corr. Duovac DeLaval 958689-01   HAPPYFARMERNA.COM  •&nbs..

c$ 8.01


End Caps Set

End caps Set for vacuum valve / compressed airFits DeLaval Milking Robots  HAPPYFARMERNA.COM..

c$ 171.02

EP100 magnetic plate PREORDER

EP100 magnetic plate

EP100 magnetic plate  Corr. DeLaval 999865-01  HAPPYFARMERNA.COM  •  MILK R..

c$ 33.61

Female Pulsator Cable PREORDER

Female Pulsator Cable

Female Pulsator cable for Delaval Milking RobotCorr. DeLaval 98854080   HAPPYFARMERN..

c$ 43.06

Gripper front horn DeLaval

Gripper front horn DeLavalDeLaval 868422-01   HAPPYFARMERNA.COM  •  MILK..

c$ 56.58

Lid Straight PREORDER

Lid Straight

Lid straight   Corr. DeLaval Duovac 985484-01     HAPPYFARMERNA.COM&n..

c$ 52.27