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(Dish)washing brush

(Dish)washing brushLength 27cmThe bristles of the brush are wide to 6 cmWith scraping sideThis brush..

c$ 9.86

Motor Cow Brush Luna 1 to 2 weeks

Motor Cow Brush Luna

Motor suitable for Cow Brush Lely LunaCorr. Lely Luna 9.1083.0062.0     HAPP..

c$ 366.02

Hand Brush (long)

Hand brush with long handleSustainable quality brush410 mm Ceveral types availableIf you cannot..

c$ 20.44

Barrelbrush round 1 to 2 weeks

Barrelbrush round

Barrelbrush round   Several types and brushes available. If you can not find what yo..

c$ 20.59

Hand Brush (hard) 1 to 2 weeks

Hand Brush (hard)

Sustainable quality comparable with Delaval brushes   Ceveral types in stock. If yo..

c$ 15.78

Nail Brush 1 to 2 weeks

Nail Brush

Nail brush Steady, sustainable qualityComparable with DeLaval nail brushes Several types..

c$ 7.90