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HappyFarmer: The worldwide supplier of milking robot and milking parlour parts

In 2015 Marte and Anneke van Hastenberg, founded HappyFarmer in Oirschot The Netherlands. Their mission: To make farmers happy. 

Marte, a mechanic with more than 20 years of experience in dairy farming technology, and Anneke, with a background in the healthcare sector, started the company in 2015 to provide independent robot parts.

They have built the company and created a team of more than 15 dedicated members that want to make as many farmers as happy as possible.

In addition to enormous national and international experience, the team has extensive knowledge of a large number of brands. HappyFarmer has grown into a thriving company with a diverse range, including milking robot and stable parts from all leading brands. HappyFarmer can supply parts for various brands of milking robots and milking machines such as: Lely, DeLaval, Fullwood, Gea, Dairymaster, Sac and Boumatic.

Paul and Scott lead the expert team of North America. They both have more than 20 years of experience in the industry with extensive brand knowledge. 

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Because their goal is: a happy farmer!